Agricultural Irrigation Systems

Agricultural Irrigation Systems

Consider your irrigation system an insurance policy that returns consistent crop yields year after year due to efficient and uniform water application. Our customers report that they continuously grow high quality and profitable crops while also cutting down on man-hours through reduced maintenance issues and minimal monitoring. Our irrigation systems help growers reach their crop yield, energy savings, and water conservation goals.

Irrigation systems come with many options that let growers customize their systems to meet their needs and budget. Our wide selection of mechanized irrigation systems include: center pivot irrigation, drip irrigation, frost protection, solid set irrigation, and traveling guns.

Our irrigation systems come included with the most important benefit of all: peace of mind.


Center Pivots

We have offered the Valley brand of Center pivots irrigation to fit your needs. A Valley Center pivot is engineered, constructed and field-tested to handle any operation stresses your machine may experience. Each Valley pivot is hot- dip galvanized before it leaves the factory to withstand the elements, making sure your investment is around for years to come. We offer three series of precision irrigation center pivots: 8000 series center pivot, 7000 series center pivot, 5000 series center pivot.

Corners, Benders & Drop Span Pivots

Valley Corners, Benders, and Drop Span are perfect for those field corners and area around existing structures and trees. We carry Bender 30 and bender 160, Drop Span, Valley V-flex Corner and Valley Precision Corner.


Irrigating your square, rectangular, and oddly shaped fields isn’t a problem! Valley linear machines offer you great advantages not found in other farm irrigation methods. Valley linear advantages: Maximize irrigated area – Reduce labor expenses by 50% compared with surface, side roll, or hand move irrigation – Deliver low rates of water, helping to eliminate runoff when irrigating on certain soils. Here at Southwest we carry Rainger Linear, Two Wheel Linear, and Universal Linear.

Drive Train

Your center pivot or linear irrigation equipment can’t run without a reliable drive train, and we at Southwest know that it’s the most important part. We carry Valley gear boxes, VS-7000 gear boxes, and VS-7000 center drive.


We provide HDPE pipe, SCH 40 pipe, PIP Pipe, and Dual & Single Wall Corrugated pipe.

Poly Span

In certain areas, some producers are using less desirable water sources, such as wastewater, process water, and even corrosive water. Other producers are adding crop production chemicals or soil amendment products to their irrigation water. Under these conditions, corrosion of standard galvanized pipe may occur. Valley Poly Span irrigation poly pipes protect your irrigation pipelines from any corrosive components in your water, ensuring a long life of you machine.


Here at Southwest Irrigation we carry Sprinkler options to fit your field and/or your machine. We offer Nelson, Senninger or Valley.

Parts & Upgrades

Southwest Irrigation recognizes that the ongoing availability of irrigation parts and timely, quality services are critical in making Valley center pivots and linear, your best value. We offer a large variety of spare parts, part conversions, and upgrades.

Control Technology

Southwest irrigation offers a superb selection of irrigation technology, providing you with the irrigation equipment and irrigation controls to help you get the most of your fields. We offer several control technology product lines: Control Panels, Remote Management Solutions, and Water Application Management.


Thinwall Dripline

Ideal applications include subsurface drip irrigation and on-surface irrigation of crops. We carry Classic, Compact and Unimax PC thinwall dripline.

Heavywall Dripline

Drip Line ideal for watering rows and vegetable gardens and more. Drip line can be looped to create an efficient and uniformed drip irrigation application.


We carry many types of valves for any need you may have. Some of our valves include: -Ball valves -Butterfly Valves -Pressure Reducing and Regulating Valves – Pressure Sustaining Valves (Nylon, PVC, Epoxy-Coated Iron & Stainless Steel Threaded, Slip, Grooved & Flanged) (2 way-3 way operation, manual electric & hydraulic operators)(Air and Leaf valve)

Filters / Flow Meters

We carry a wide variety of filtration systems and Flow meters which include:

  • Manual and Automatic Disc Filters
  • Hydrocyclones
  • Y-Type circulationg screen filters
  • Tornado Filters
  • Typhoon Filters
  • Scan Kleen Filters
  • Media Filters


Southwest Irrigation carries many different type of pumps that including:

  • Transfer Pumps
  • Fertilizer Pumps
  • Mister Mister
Custom Pumping Solutions

Valley water management can custom-engineer a high-efficiency pumping station for producers who are building a new reservoir, drawing from a canal, or using well fields to supply their irrigation needs.


Custom Fabrication For Well Discharge


We carry Rocky Boots and Georgia boots.


From water hoses to sprinklers we have it all!!


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