Drip Lines – Medium / Heavy Wall

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D2000 Drip Line Features

  • Suitable for varying water conditions
  • Innovative hydraulic dripper design
  • Large surface inlet filter and cross sectional labyrinth
  • Easy manual or mechanized layout and retrieval
  • Significant clogging reduction for all flow rates

When you are using a medium or heavy wall tube, you want an emitter which will perform for multiple seasons without failing.

Introducing the D2000 emitter.
Developed using the latest in drip line engineering technology, the mandate for the emitter was to build a product that did not compromise on size or features.


Featuring 14–45% larger inlet area than the leading competing emitters, D2000 doesn’t just stop there. Unlike conventional emitters that only have a single flow direction into the labyrinth, D2000 has a dual-directional flow to maximize every inlet.

Hydrogol Drip Line Features

  • Two water outlets in each dripper
  • High quality resins for durable, multi-season application
  • Product information
  • High clogging resistance due to the large channel and large inlet filter

Hydrogol Drip Line is an industry leading product which is manufactured in numerous wall thicknesses, flow rates, and dripper spacings. The Hydrogol dripper is cylindrical, designed with a long, wide labyrinth. This configuration provides a turbulent water flow which minimizes the formation of residues that may cause clogging.

Hydrogol Drip Lines are manufactured with two-orifice outlets* and with spacings between drippers from 6 inches and up. The additional outlet helps to eliminate the intrusion of small particles when the water is shut off.

* Single orifice outlet, only by special order

Main Features

  • Large surface inlet filter
  • Outstanding clogging resistance for all flow rates
  • Constant inside diameter regardless of drip line wall thickness
  • Manufactured from superior durable materials ensuring longevity
  • Protected against UV degradation
  • Resistant to chemicals and fertilizers commonly used in agriculture
  • Conforms to emission uniformity standard ISO 9261