S2000 PC Micro Sprinklers

S2000 PC Micro Sprinklers

“A year ago we installed Rivulis S2000 sprinkler heads. Nutrition is a big part of our banana crop; the Rivulis sprinkler head does the job well with perfect water droplets, angle and spread. I would strongly recommend the S2000 Rivulis sprinkler head as it has lived up to all our expectations”.

Charles Camuglia, Camuglia Farms (120 ha banana farm), Australia

Rivulis S2000 PC – The Next Sprinkler Revolution

The most advanced sprinkler yet

Introducing a micro sprinkler with easy take-apart body, low trajectory and anti-wear movement.

From the moment you hold an S2000, you will feel the strength of the construction. You know this is a sprinkler that will perform in tough conditions.
Then you open it up, and it is simple. Unlike other sprinklers that require multiple steps to open, S2000 is open in one click. Putting it back together is just as simple.

But in the field is where the S2000 really performs. At the start of a new season, although the sprinkler has not been used for months, you will be amazed at how reliably it starts up again

Simple: One Click Take-Apart Body

Save time in the field with S2000’s unique easy take-apart body in just one click!