S5000 & S6000 Plastic Impact Sprinkler

S5000 & S6000 Plastic Impact Sprinkler

  • Well balanced for even water distribution
  • Non-corrosive body with a stainless steel spring
  • High quality movement


Better Product Design

There are numerous impact sprinklers, but there is one that sets itself apart.

You see it in the details, such as the stainless steel spring, the high quality movement and the balanced mechanism that makes the range of plastic impact

sprinklers by Rivulis the great value alternative that is a cut above the rest.

Sprinklers to meet your unique needs

S5000 – Low angle

9°, 12° and 14° trajectory options for under tree / cover applications

S5000 – High angle

24° trajectory with optional second nozzle for open field applications

S5000 – Partial circle

Configurable wetting pattern for reduced radius applications

S6000 – High angle

3/4” base for high flow applications


Low angle S5000

High angle S5000

High angle S5000