Socket Tooling 1/2" CTS to 4"

McElroy Socket Tooling will fuse 1/2″ CTS to 4″ IPS (16mm to 125mm) pipe and is perfect for installing fittings. Select the heater, heater adapter, depth gauge/chamfer tool, and a cold ring tool for your application.

For 2″ and larger fittings, a socket fitting holder is required. Smaller size socket heater adapters (1/2″ CTS to 1″ IPS) are fastened to the sides of the heater. The larger size socket heater adapters (1 1/4″ to 4″ IPS) or saddle fusion heater adapters, are fastened to the heater face.

Socket Tooling is Compact, lightweight, Hand-operated, Microprocessor-controlled heater

Socket Tooling Kits

With the new Socket Tooling Kits, you can locate and identify a specific range of socket tooling equipment that fits your needs, instead of ordering each piece separately. McElroy has selectively chosen the proper heater adapters, ratchet sheers, chamfer tools/depth gauges, and cold ring tools for a complete kit. All the equipment conveniently fits in a specially designed tool box and tray to keep all of your socket tooling in one place.