uPVC Well Casing & screen pipe Fittings

A company globally renowned for its uPVC products used for Ground Water Tapping, Aquifer Recharge Wells, Rain water Harvesting Systems as well as Infiltration and Sub Soil Drainage Systems.

Our products have gained the confidence of users throughout the world and this has encouraged us at Jains to get our R & D to design and manufacture yet another product which will be a forward integration of the above Group of Ground Water Extraction Pipe System. This will convey the tapped water with efficiency combined with economy and have a long life.

Sure-Loc Plus™ Column Pipe


  • Most suitable for use as submersible column pipe.

  • Suitable for use as pumping mains.

  • Suitable for use as shiftable pumping system.

Sure Loc Plus Column Pipe Installation Procedure

Thread Loc Plus™ Column Pipe

Features and Specifications:

  • Manufactured with high quality virgin PVC raw material, specially compounded with Lead & Tin free additives.
  • The product is produced with high impact modifier to provide extra strength against impact loading.
  • The compound is tested safe for potable water application.
  • Long life – as PVC compound is totally chemical and corrosion resistant.
  • Smooth inner wall, no scale build-up or erosion.
  • Efficient pumping due to low friction loss – resulting in energy saving of over 10%
  • Jain Thread Loc Plus™ Joint is designed for both the ends with temporary connections.
  • Jain Thread Loc Plus™ joint is designed with special lock at both the ends to restrict the movement due to torque at start and stop of the pump.
  • 100% leak proof joint
  • Light in weight. Easy to handle, transport and install.
  • Easy and quick-assemble / dis-assemble system with no external tools.
  • Lowering and removal of pump for maintenance made easy and fast.
  • No effect on column pipe installation due to extreme weather conditions.
  • No curing period required, allows immediate testing & Commissioning of system .
  • Low installation costs – does not require wrenches, nut bolts or solvent cement
  • Complete range of column pipe, fittings and accessories are available ex-stock in all JAIN Depots and Dealer point.

Thread Loc Plus Column Pipe Installation Procedure

Do & Don’t For column Pipe

Why Thread Loc Plus™ Column Pipe


  • The joint can hold pump and motor dead weight.

  • Can withstand the pressure developed by the pump.

  • Can withstand the reverse thrust created during pumping.

  • Can withstand the water hammer effect during ″start / stop″ of the pump

  • Can withstand the TORQUE developed during ″start & stop″ of the pump.

  • Is corrosion free, being made of specific PVC compound.

  • Installation Is made easy due to its light weight.

  • Being thermoplastic, very smooth inner bore with ″C″ value of about 150 against 100 of Gl pipes, so the frictional loss is kept at the minimum possible level.

  • Due to very smooth inner bore of pipe (with ″C″ value 150) which remains the same throughout its service life as it is inert to corrosive nature of water, the friction head loss on the pump is constant and at minimum level. This reduces energy consumption Due to above advantages, the system becomes energy efficient and pays for its cost out of the savings during its service life.



  • Always refer the pipe selection chart for correct pipe selection.

  • The Jain Thread Loc Plus™ Column Pipe should be used in tube wells where the diameter of the tube well is at least two inches more than the diameter of the pump.

  • If the pump does not have open discharge at the well head, another Non Return Valve should be installed at the well head between top connector and system to be connected.

  • Use double split clamps to hold the column pipe at the well head.

  • Always mount the split clamp on pipe, below the coupler

  • Use plain water or soap solution to lubricate the rubber ring and the spigot end of the pipe.

  • Store the pipes under shade and on level ground in ventilated space.

  • During installation, ensure that the rubber ring is at its place in the coupler.

  •  Always use the standard fittings supplied by the company.


  • Do not install the pump without the non return valve in the pump.

  • Do not use any grease or lubricant other than the one recommended during assembly.

  • Do not use pipes with damaged / scratched ends as such a joint may leak or fail.

  • Do not disturb the factory fitted assembly of pump connector.

  • Do not remove the coupler by holding the pipe alone in the split clamp.

  • Do not use any tool to lock or unlock the pipe.