Rainport™ Assemblies

Rainport is an ultimate sprinkler irrigation system which overcomes all the limitations of conventional sprinkler irrigation system and yet meets the high standards of effective irrigation principles such as,

  • High distribution uniformity.
  • Controlled application rate.
  • Gentle precipitation, low droplet impact on soil structure and no foliage damage.
  • Short irrigation cycles to provide optimal growing conditions with highly accessible water and nutrient in controlled wetted and aerated soil profile.

Rainport Assembilies™


  • Recommended for the irrigation of open field crops like potato, leafy vegetables, cotton, oil seeds, pulses, cereals, etc.
  • Specially suitable for light & sandy soil.

Features and Specifications:

  • Low Angle Options Available Optimum water distribution with 9°, 15° and 24° trajectories for a wide range of applications
  • Silicon Motion Controller Sprinkler with silicone motion controller improves performance
  • Detachable Nozzle & Swivel Offers ease in maintenance & inspection
  • Unique Swivel Design Unique swivel for protection against snails
  • Specially Designed Side Ribs Smooth streamlined side ribs to secure the swivel and give minimum obstructions to water jet
  • Threaded Inlet Connection 1/2” or 3/8” male threaded and female Acme thread connection available
  • Discharges : 60 – 490 lph.
  • Diameter : 9 m to 17 m.
  • Recommended Pressure : 1.5 kg/cm² to 3.5 kg/cm².
  • Inlet Connection : 1/2” male threaded, 3/8” male threaded & Female Acme threaded
  • Nominal operating pressure is 1.5 kg/cm². Can be used for other pressure ratings (lower / higher) after consulting company representative and due care for spacing and application rate.
  • Easy to install with different mounting options, for details please refer to “Polyfittings & Accessories” section.

Rainport™ - MS Fittings

Rainport™ - PS Fittings

Poly Compression Fittings


Feasible for thick wall thickness Polytubes (plain Lateral / Jain Tough Hose) as well as following specifications:

Nominal Diameter (mm)


Inner Diameter (mm)


Wall thickness (mm)

1.2 – 2.1
1.5 – 2.5

Features and Specifications:

  • Leak Proof Joint Additional rubber ring and Teflon sleeve provided for leak proof joint
  • Innovative Cap for holding Special cap provided to hold tube from outer side.

Tools and Accessories for Rainport™