Rainport™ Assemblies

Rainport™ Assemblies

Rainport is an ultimate sprinkler irrigation system which overcomes all the limitations of conventional sprinkler irrigation system and yet meets the high standards of effective irrigation principles such as,

  • High distribution uniformity.
  • Controlled application rate.
  • Gentle precipitation, low droplet impact on soil structure and no foliage damage.
  • Short irrigation cycles to provide optimal growing conditions with highly accessible water and nutrient in controlled wetted and aerated soil profile.

Rainport Assembilies™


  • Recommended for the irrigation of open field crops like potato, leafy vegetables, cotton, oil seeds, pulses, cereals, etc.
  • Specially suitable for light & sandy soil.

Features and Specifications:


  • Low Angle Options Available Optimum water distribution with 9°, 15° and 24° trajectories for a wide range of applications
  • Silicon Motion Controller Sprinkler with silicone motion controller improves performance
  • Detachable Nozzle & Swivel Offers ease in maintenance & inspection
  • Unique Swivel Design Unique swivel for protection against snails
  • Specially Designed Side Ribs Smooth streamlined side ribs to secure the swivel and give minimum obstructions to water jet
  • Threaded Inlet Connection 1/2” or 3/8” male threaded and female Acme thread connection available
  • Discharges : 60 – 490 lph.
  • Diameter : 9 m to 17 m.
  • Recommended Pressure : 1.5 kg/cm² to 3.5 kg/cm².
  • Inlet Connection : 1/2” male threaded, 3/8” male threaded & Female Acme threaded
  • Nominal operating pressure is 1.5 kg/cm². Can be used for other pressure ratings (lower / higher) after consulting company representative and due care for spacing and application rate.
  • Easy to install with different mounting options, for details please refer to “Polyfittings & Accessories” section.

Rainport Assembilies™ ​ Info Sheet (PDF)

Rainport™ – MS Fittings

Adaptor for Mini Sprinkler

Adaptor for Mini Sprinkler​ Info Sheet (PDF)

Poly Take Off

Poly Take Off​ Info Sheet (PDF)

8 mm Adaptor for 501

8 mm Adaptor for 501​​ Info Sheet (PDF)

8 mm Female Adaptor

8 mm Female Adaptor ​ Info Sheet (PDF)

Butterfly adaptor for Modular Sprinkler

Butterfly adaptor for Modular Sprinkler​ Info Sheet (PDF)

Bayonet male take off adaptor

Bayonet male take off adaptor​ Info Sheet (PDF)

Polybarbed Mini Sprinkler Adaptor

Polybarbed Mini Sprinkler Adaptor​ Info Sheet (PDF)

8 mm Polybarbed Joiner

8 mm Polybarbed Joinerr​ Info Sheet (PDF)

8 mm Male Adaptor

8 mm Male Adaptor​ Info Sheet (PDF)

8 mm Detachable take off assembly

8 mm Detachable take off assembly​​ Info Sheet (PDF)

Bayonet female take off

Bayonet female take off​​ Info Sheet (PDF)

Bayonet take off plug

Bayonet take off plug​ Info Sheet (PDF)

Rainport™ – PS Fittings

Take Off

Take Off Info Sheet (PDF)

Take Off Adaptor

Take Off Adaptor Info Sheet (PDF)

Sprinkler Adaptor

Sprinkler Adaptor Info Sheet (PDF)

Take Off Plug

Take Off Plug Info Sheet (PDF)

½” x ¾” Adaptor

½” x ¾” Adaptor Info Sheet (PDF)

Poly Compression Fittings


Feasible for thick wall thickness Polytubes (plain Lateral / Jain Tough Hose) as well as following specifications:

Nominal Diameter (mm)


Inner Diameter (mm)


Wall thickness (mm)

1.2 – 2.1
1.5 – 2.5

Features and Specifications:


  • Leak Proof Joint Additional rubber ring and Teflon sleeve provided for leak proof joint
  • Innovative Cap for holding Special cap provided to hold tube from outer side.

Poly Compression Fittings​ Info Sheet (PDF)

Tools and Accessories for Rainport™

Rainport™ – Quick Drill

Rainport™ – Quick Drill Info Sheet (PDF)


Trigger Info Sheet (PDF)


Trigger Info Sheet (PDF)

Tube Cutter

Tube Cutter Info Sheet (PDF)

Rainport™ – Simple Hose Punch

Rainport™ – Simple Hose Punch Info Sheet (PDF)

Universal Punch

Universal Punch Info Sheet (PDF)

Quick Cut

Quick Cut Info Sheet (PDF)

Simple Hose Punch 3 mm

Simple Hose Punch 3 mm Info Sheet (PDF)

Take off Adaptor Removal Tool

Take off Adaptor Removal Tool Info Sheet (PDF)