Air & Vacuum Release Valve

Air & Vacuum Release Valve

Air & Vacuum Release Valve

  • Premium resins
  • Long lasting performance
  • Three types of valves: Air & Vacuum, Automatic, and Combination

The Rivulis line of air valves include an Air & Vacuum Release Valve, a Continuous Air Valve, and a Combination Air Valve. The air valves are recommended protection for drip and micro irrigation systems, helping to maintain proper hydraulic dynamics in the system design. Each type of air valve is design for a specific function. The Rivulis Air and Vacuum Release Valve is designed to allow large volumes of air to exit on during start up and enter during shut down of an irrigation system. The Rivulis Continuous Air Valve allows small amounts of trapped air in a pipeline under pressure to be released. The combination air valve does both applications.

Rivulis Air & Vacuum Release Valve

The Rivulis Air & Vacuum Release Valves are designed to reduce air related problems when the system starts and when it is shut down. The Air & Vacuum Release Valve discharges air during the system start up to provide a smooth, quick filling of the pipes while avoiding water hammer. These valves re-admit air to the distribution system during system shut down to prevent pipe collapse, and to help prevent suction of soil into the emission device.

Rivulis Air & Vacuum valves are designed to remain open even with high air pressure to fully exhaust a pipe at startup, and to completely seal at very low water pressure.

Advantages of Rivulis Air Vacuum Release Valves

  • Remain open to discharge air from a system without closing prematurely.
  • Closes and remain drip-tight when water enters the system – even with water pressures as low as 3 psi.
  • Lightweight, durable and compact; suitable for both metal and plastic pipes.
Rivulis Continuous Air Valve and Combination Air Valves

Rivulis Air Valves with the continuous release function allow air to escape the treatment and distribution system while the system is pressurized. Most commonly the Rivulis Combination Air Valve is used, which  also has the function of allowing air to be expelled as the system starts up, and air to enter the system at shut-down.

The Rivulis Combination Air Valves are the most versatile providing dual functionality in one product. With the Combination Air Valve, you get the air & vacuum release on system start up and shut down and continuous air release during system operation.