V2000 Hydraulic Control Valves

V2000 Hydraulic Control Valves Features

  • Body, Cover and Piston Assembly: Glass-Filled Nylon
  • Diaphragm: NR, Nylon fabric reinforced
  • Plastic Control Accessories, Tubing and Fittings
  • Manual Throttling in Valves up to 3″

The V2000 Hydaulic Control Valves are designed to meet the needs of multiple applications in your irrigation system, including simple control (on/off), pressure reducing, and quick relief. The valve operates by responding to pressure and flow changes with a diaphragm piston assembly. The body design has been optimized to maximize flow capacity, reduce pressure loss, and resist cavitation. The V2000 will be the primary choice for agricultural irrigation applications requiring high flows at low pressures and low flows at high pressures. Because the valves are made with glass-filled nylon, they resist damage from chemicals and have long term durability.

The V2000 Hydraulic Control Valve line is offered with a wide range of options including size, end connections (threaded, flanged, PVC glued, or grooved), actuation method (electric, hydraulic), and pilots and springs. Accessories and parts can be ordered to build customized valves.


  • Controls medium to large agricultural blocks
  • Control pressures for filters and pumps
  • Quick relief valve for system protection