Drip Lines – Thin Wall

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D900 Thin Wall Drip Line Features

  • Maximize potential Benefits For Your Farm
  • Achieve longer-run lengths with a smaller diameter tube – Save on installation costs
  • Irrigate longer rows for more efficient farming operations – Longer rows, fewer tractor turns
  • Greater uniformity of irrigation over longer run lengths – More consistent crop yields

Maximize your farm with longer run-lengths

Have you ever wondered why some drip lines can work for longer run lengths than others?

The maximum distance a drip line can function is dependent on a number of factors including the exponent (correlation between flow output and pressure) and the kd value (friction caused by each emitter in the drip line). The lower the exponent and the kd value, the further you can run your drip irrigation system while still maintaining a high standard of irrigation uniformity.

D900’s design minimizes friction loss through its small design, and its uniquely engineered flow path that minimizes exponent. In other words, D900 allows you to achieve longer distances per row while still maintaining high uniformity.

D1000 Thin Wall Drip Line Features

The first thin wall drip line to combine the molded emitter from drip lines into the drip tube of tapes that feature a slit outlet.


Rivulis is unique with the capability and expertise to manufacture both integrated and inserted molded emitter drip lines. We are one of very few companies that has this capability.

It was only a matter of time until one day the engineering team would ask, “could we combine the best of drip tapes and drip lines into a single product?”
The result – The Rivulis D1000 Drip Line.

The first thin wall drip line to combine the molded emitter from drip lines into the drip tube of tapes that feature a slit outlet.

D1500 Thin Wall Drip Line Features

  • Outstanding clogging resistance
  • One of the largest inlet filters and for flat drip emitters on the market
  • Large labyrinth cross sections resist clogging

Trusted by farmers worldwide for over 25 years

Trusted: Outstanding clogging resistance

Rivulis D1500 features one of the largest inlet filters for flat drip emitters on the market.

The additional filtration area provides outstanding protection against clogging.

Regardless of how good an emitter’s inlet filters are, Inevitably some particles will enter the labyrinth. When this occurs, it is important to have a large cross section (width x height) so the particles can pass easily and not clog the emitter.

Once again, Rivulis D1500 design has one of the largest labyrinth cross sections on the market.

Hydrodrip Features

  • Flat drip line with drippers welded to the inner tube wall
  • Turbulent flow path minimizes clogging
  • Order your choice of pre-set emitter spacings
  • Applications: Vegetables, annual field crops and greenhouses

Hydrodrip Drip Line is an economical solution for annual row crops, field crops, and greenhouses. Engineered with an efficient turbulent flow path, Hydrodrip’s channel design minimizes clogging. Because Hydrodrip is a flat integral drip tape, it is a good choice for manual or mechanized layout and retrieval. Hydrodrip is available in a wide range of diameters and wall thicknesses.