Heap Leaching Drip

Leachmax Pro Drip Line

Innovative Dripper Design for Greater Uniformity

Rivulis LEACHMAX PRO Drip Line has full length, dual inlet filters that ensure constant supply of leaching solution to the drippers, which then delivers constant flows out of the drippers. The LEACHMAX PRO dripper has a large flow path and superior designed flow path to resist plugging.


  • Heap leach mining applications
  • Flat terrain
  • Reclamation projects


  • Innovative dripper design significantly reduces clogging 
  • Full length of dual inlet filters ensures constant supply of leaching solution for consistent flow rate 
  • Uniform application of leaching solution for maximum performance
  • Durable, UV and acid resistant virgin resins increase life span
  • Low hydraulic coefficient of variation (CV) and exponent (x) for greater uniformity and increased performance


Inside diameter and wall thickness

  • 16 mm: 0.543 in / 45 mil
  • 18 mm: 0.622 in / 45 mil
  • 20 mm: 0.693 in / 40 mil

Nominal flow rates: 0.26, 0.40, 0.53, 1.06 gph

Leachmax Pc Drip Line

Highly Accurate Pressure Compensation in drip line

Rivulis LEACHMAX PC Drip Line represents the most significant advancement in PC drip technology in the past decade. After many years of research, the LEACHMAX PC Drip Line was launched and set a new standard in pressure compensating drip line technology. 

On multiple levels, the LEACHMAX PC Drip Line has been engineered to outperform all pressure compensating drip lines on the market. Starting from the manufacturing process, where state-of-the-art quality controls are used to continually output high quality product, to the uniquely designed dripper that provides maximum resistance to clogging. All designed to provide heap leach mining operations with the best tool available to maximize results. 


  • Heap leach mining applications
  • Ideal for undulating or sloping terrains
  • Reclamation projects


  • Pressure compensating – for precise and uniform flow rates along the entire length of the lateral and through undulating or sloping terrains. Allows for longer run lengths (up to 50% longer when compared to non-PC drip lines).
  • Wide range of pressure regulation (7 to 51 psi) – maintains a uniform flow rate regardless of the water pressure to optimize the  wetting pattern and maximize crop yields.
  • Wide range of flow rates, diameters and spacings –  to match the soil infiltration rate, optimize the wetting pattern and deliver a uniform amount of lixiviation solution to the ore to maximize yields. 
  • Continuously self-flushing mechanism – reduces clogging.