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E1000 Dripper Features

  • Two part construction for easy maintenance
  • Multi-function port allowing use of different connectors or microtubes for numerous applications
  • Color Code indicates flow rate

The Rivulis E1000 Dripper is
Cost Effective. It is a dripper that that can be used standalone or also with tube and pegs. Available in flow rates of 2.0, 4.0 and 8.0 l/h (calculated at 1 bar pressure). Alternatively, you may choose to use overhead irrigation for all your irrigation requirements. However this is only suitable for specific crops that are durable to fungus and pests.

Easy Cleaning. Every pack of 1,000 drippers comes with a useful E1000 spanner. This specially designed spanner allows you to open your E1000 dripper with ease. Once open, you have full access to the flow labyrinth allowing you to easily clean the dripper.


Orchards and potted plants in nurseries and home gardens.

Katif PC Dripper Features

  • Low profile, pressure compensating dripper
  • Self flushing mechanism
  • Highly accurate flow regulating diaphragm
  • Constant water flow rates over a wide pressure range

The Katif PC Dripper delivers on several key features including a self flushing mechanism, low profile position, and a highly accurate flow regulating diaphragm. Combining all these features, the Katif PC Dripper can be used in challenging topographical conditions and in long runs, without any worries.

And, because Katif PC Drippers are made with durable materials, they are resistant to UV degradation and break down due to chemicals and fertilizers commonly used in agriculture.

Supertif PC Dripper Features

  • Pressure compensating
  • Outstanding resistance to clogging
  • Self-flushing mechanism
  • Ideal for fields with sloping terrain or long drip lines, and as master dripper for pot plants or loop systems in orchards

The Rivulis Supertif is the most advanced on-line dripper in the market.

If you have intensive horticulture production, you need the Rivulis Supertif range of drippers.

Trusted the world over for performance and flexibility, each dripper features a self-cleaning mechanism and precision manufacturing for maximum reliability.

Additionally, Rivulis Supertif provides multiple outlet configurations, variable flow rates, no-drain options with multiple sealing and opening pressures, and a wide range of accessories.

Rivulis offers multiple Supertif Pressure Compensating (PC) Dripper outlet options for your various needs:

  • Multi-function port – Straight conic-barb outlet (Conic + Barb) = Multi-function port Use stand-alone without tube, connect direct to 3×5 tube or connect to tube using branching adaptors.
  • Barbed side outlet (SOL) – A unique Rivulis solution Drives the water straight to the plants roots, reducing evaporation and desalination. Use stand-alone without tube, connect direct to 3×5 tube or connect to tube using branching adaptors.